The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Your Pets

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Your Pets

Whether you’re relocating, taking a vacation, or adopting a new fur baby, you want your pet's traveling experience to be a positive one. From the pre-travel plans to the safe arrival at their home, Fuzzy Fur Baby Flight Nanny has years of experience creating a low-stress travel experience for your pet. Read on to find out our top tips for traveling with your pets, and contact us today for a safe and affordable transportation option!

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Research the Guidelines

The best place to start is by doing your research! Before you begin making travel plans with your pet in mind, you’ll need to understand all of the guidelines in place. If you are traveling by plane, this includes researching the airline's specific guidelines. Some airlines will require your pet in cargo, and some will allow for them to be in the cabin. It’s best to know the guidelines beforehand.

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Have Your Supplies Packed

When traveling with your pet, make sure you have all of the supplies you need ready to go. This can include the proper pet carrier, treats and toys, leashes, and more. You’ll want to be prepared for anything during your pet’s trip!

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Talk To Your Vet or Breeder / Create A Low-Stress Experience

Our professional pet transport nannies know that the best advice always comes from the vet or breeder of your new pet. Vets can provide any medical information necessary for your dog or cat, while breeders will help you understand your new pet's demeanor and provide guidance for their travel. Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny always partners with breeders when transporting your new dog or cat!

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Contact a Fuzzy Fur Baby Nanny

If you are adopting a new fur baby that will need to travel far to come to their new home, you can contact Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny to accompany your pet on their journey! Our nannies know all of the ways to provide a safe, affordable, and comfortable pet transport service. Leave the traveling to the professionals and rest assured that your new pet will be in great hands.

If flying with a dog or cat seems like an overwhelming experience, know that Fuzzy Fur Baby Flight Nanny is here to help. Request a nanny!

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