4 Startling Facts About the Pet Cargo Hold on Airplanes You Need to Know

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4 Startling Facts About the Pet Cargo Hold on Airplanes You Need to Know

It can be nerve-wracking when you have to fly your new puppy or kitty to your location from another. After all, they will be alone without their mother or littermates. Plus, most of us have heard the horror stories of pets dying in the cargo areas of planes. Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny is a flight nanny service that ensures your new puppy or kitten makes it to you safe and sound. Below, we'll go over four startling facts about the pet cargo hold on airplanes that you need to know. Request your flight nanny today.


Conditions of the Cargo Hold Area

It's important to ask your airline about the conditions of the cargo hold area when you are thinking about flying your pet. Most airlines offer climate-controlled and pressurized cargo hold areas for animals that they fly. Also, be sure to ask when the airline boards and unloads pets to ensure your pet is not on the airplane any longer than it needs to be. Since most pets that have died have died in cargo areas, find out all of the information ahead of time to keep your pet safe.


Specific Pet Death Statistics of the Airline

All airlines are required by law to report animal deaths or injuries, known as "animal incident reports." When requested, the airline must disclose these facts, and you can find it on websites as well. You want to ensure your pet is as safe as possible when flying, so choose an airline you trust.


The Kennel or Crate They Will Be Flying In

If your pet is not used to kennels or crates, it is highly suggested to get them acclimated to one before flying. Many dogs become stressed locked up in a crate, and if you add in the stress of flying, they can become even more stressed. Some animals have been known to bite or chew themselves bloody from the high stress of flying. Ask about crate conditions before flying, or consider a flight nanny instead.


The Stress of Flying

Flying can be stressful for humans, but for pets who don't understand what is happening, it can be particularly stressful, especially for a small puppy or kitten. Animals can sense the pressure changing as they rise in the air. Many pets become extremely frightened at the changes and they experience no comfort whatsoever. A flight nanny helps to keep your pet comforted and calm during the flight.

Many pets have died flying in cargo areas, and while the numbers are comparatively low when you take in consideration the thousands of animals that are transported via airlines, we believe that even one pet's death is one too many. When you partner with Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny, you can have peace of mind about the transport of your new little family member. Get in touch with us today.

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